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Your one-stop shop for Freelancing in the UAE

Freedom2Work offers an unparalleled ecosystem for freelancers in the UAE that addresses all the freelancer’s needs in a single location with exceptional services from initial consultation, facilitating freelance visa and permit to lifestyle and accommodation solutions. With vast experience catering freelance license, visa, and medical insurance, we have a proven record of clients establishing freelance businesses across the region. Trusted by 3000+ freelancers for their entrepreneurship journey in the UAE.

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Proactive Services

You can avail a wide range of services for your freelancing in the UAE with our online portal, from facilitating freelance license and visa to lifestyle, accommodation and more!

Professional Consultants

Our professional account managers offer transparent information and professional support in licensing and visa processing with on-time assistance.

Constant Support

Enjoy seamless service every time! Our team of experts are available to answer your questions via our toll-free number or the live chat service.

Instant Bank Account Facility

As our esteemed customer, you can get fast-tracked services in collaboration with our partners to set up an instant bank account across the UAE.

Join the Global Freelance Community

Connect with a global network of freelancers to source projects, collaborate, share insights, and be a part of the professional freelance community directly.

Medical Insurance

We have partnered with reliable medical insurance providers to give you access to personal healthcare support in the UAE with the best comprehensive coverage required.

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Apply for Freelance License & Visa in Dubai

For freelancers looking to start their own business or join the UAE gig economy, you can freelance in over 150+ business activities under various economic sectors.

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