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Comprehensive Guide to Family Visa Application in the UAE

Apr 24, 2024

Are you thinking of relocating your family to the United Arab Emirates? Getting your loved ones a family visa in the UAE may be possible with the proper paperwork and advice. Having your family at your side is very alluring in the United Arab Emirates, a country known for its rich cultural diversity, breathtaking scenery, and endless chances. If so, you may already be aware that although the procedure isn't always easy, it's also not as difficult as it might initially appear.

Why Consider Moving to the UAE with Family? 

  1. Minimal crime rates, ensuring tranquillity in all neighbourhoods
  2. Top-tier tolerance across communities
  3. Tax-free income

Conditions and Documents Required for Bringing Your Family to the UAE:

The UAE offers a family visa option for expatriates looking to bring their family to live with them.

Conditions for Obtaining a Family Visa:

  1. Within 60 days of their arrival in the UAE with an entry permit, a resident sponsor must start the application process for their dependents' residency visa.
  2. A resident sponsor must have a minimum salary of AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 plus accommodation. These will come under the category of ‘Primary Visa Holders’, or, in simpler terms, ‘Visa Sponsors'.
  3. As for women, they too can sponsor their family if they hold a residence visa with a monthly salary not less than AED 10,000 or AED 8,000 plus accommodation.
  4. The sponsor must be entitled to either a freelance visa, an employment visa or an investor visa. Any occupation is acceptable as long as they can afford a decent place to live and is financially secure.
  5. An expat is required to bring both their parents and cannot sponsor any one of them. If one of his/her parents has passed away or is divorced, then the necessary documents have to be provided to the authorities.
  6. A male or female resident can sponsor his/her son(s) until he is 18; however, sons of determination are exempt from this rule.
  7. The residents can sponsor their daughter/daughters only if they are unmarried.
  8. The expatriate must apply for resident visas for newborn babies within 120 days of their birth to avoid getting fined.

What Documents are Required for the Sponsor to Bring Their Family to the UAE?

  1. Digital Passport-size photos, one with a white background.
  2. An entry permit of the applicant, an original or photocopy of the applicant's passport, and a completed UAE visa application form.
  3. The original Emirates ID of the sponsor.
  4. If the sponsor is working for a free zone company, then they are required to submit the salary certificate.
  5. The sponsor needs to submit three months of bank statements if they are entitled to an ‘investor visa’.
  6. The sponsor will have to submit the labour contract if they are working in the private sector.
  7. Ejari is a valid tenancy contract or title deed that has to be given as proof of domicile.
  8. Utility bills (e.g., DEWA) as evidence of active utilities in the domicile must be provided by the sponsor.
  9. A medical fitness test clearance certificate must be obtained from an approved health centre in the UAE. Children over 18 years old are eligible.
  10. The resident can sponsor his wife, provided he ensures all documents proving the relationship between the sponsor and dependents are accurately attested, translated, and submitted. This includes providing an authenticated marriage certificate that has been correctly translated into Arabic by a certified translator.

The sponsor must also secure a UAE health insurance certificate for their family members.

Why is Insurance Mandatory for Family Members?

In the United Arab Emirates, it is a regulatory requirement for sponsors to secure health insurance for their family members. This stipulation ensures that all residents have access to necessary medical services and that healthcare costs are covered, promoting public health and financial security. There are many healthcare insurance providers across Dubai, such as Yalla Insurance and Gocompare Insurance. Also, make sure to discuss health insurance with your employer. 

Family Visa Cancellation in the UAE:

The family resident permit is linked to the sponsor. All dependent visas associated with the resident will expire if the sponsor's visa is also cancelled.


Residing with family is deeply fulfilling, and travelling across the UAE is an enriching experience. However, bringing one's family to the UAE can be challenging due to insufficient information or incorrect advice. It is important to gather the right information and start the process of reuniting your family.

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