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Cheapest Visa Option in the UAE | Freedom2Work

Jun 11, 2024

Dubai's rising economy is inviting freelancers from all over the world. This has increased the need for qualified workers in a variety of sectors, opening up a wide range of freelance employment options in the United Arab Emirates. However, the country's unexpected spike in freelancing is not just due to the expanding economy but there are other key factors as to why Dubai is becoming the best city to live in and work as well. 

  1. Residence Visa: The United Arab Emirates rewards expats with residence visas that will allow them to stay and work in the country for two years. This exempts them from deportation, being subjected to fines, or even getting a ban since it is illegal to work in the UAE without a residency visa and freelance license. 
  2. Sponsor Dependents: Freelancers can enjoy the benefit of sponsoring their dependents, which means they can bring their family here to Dubai and that will have similar benefits to that of a sponsor. 
  3. Medical Insurance: Medical insurance is included with a residence visa, which lowers the cost of any medical expenses in the country.
  4. Freelancing Brings Freedom and Flexibility; With freelancing in the UAE, you can work anytime and at any given place without being overpowered by the 9-5 rule. 
  5. Tax-Free Earnings: Yes! freelancers in Dubai can enjoy their hard-earned money without paying anything for tax. This reduces the financial loss and helps save a lot of money. 

What is covered under a residence visa?

  1. Complete Residency Visa: This will allow you to live and work legally for two years in the UAE. 
  2. Medical Examination: Once you get the entry permit, the team will direct you towards designated medical fitness centres for medical fitness tests. You will be undergoing blood tests and chest X-ray. These medical examinations will ensure that you meet the health standards required for residency and job profile in the UAE. 
  3. Visa Stamping: One's legal status in the UAE is indicated by their visa stamp, which is a crucial step in the immigration process. These days visa stamping is now often done digitally, and it is only after this step you will get your Emirates ID. 
  4. Emirates ID: You will receive a notification when your Emirates ID is ready. Likewise, you need to collect your Emirates ID from the deignated post office or service centre or you can get it delivered to your doorstep. Emirates ID is a necessary identification card for all UAE residents. This card aids in bank account formation and financial transactions, travel and immigration, medical services, education and employment purposes, legal and judicial services etc.
  5. Personal Bank Account: Provide your Emirates ID and other prescribed documents to open a bank account, usually it is done as a complementary service from freedom2work. Banking services are only possible when you have a residence visa in the UAE.  

How does Freedom2Work will assist you apply for a residence visa?

  1. Contact the team at or simply call the toll-free number 800 373 3366
  2. The team at F2W will gather all the details from you and get on the action once the payment is done. 

How long should you wait for the approval of your residence visa?

It may take a few extra days to complete the work, and occasionally it takes longer than expected to scan documents and perform background checks and final procedures. 

What is the average cost of a residence visa in Dubai?

On average, a residence visa will cost you around 10K-12K AED


Dubai is becoming a popular destination for freelancers because it provides ample opportunities for both working and domestic people. The government has made it easier for freelancers to obtain visas, allowing them to work lawfully for two years. Additionally, bank and medical services are made easier for expats residing inside the country.

In short, Dubai appeals to freelancers because it is more than just a financial pool. It's also about feeling accepted and belonging. Dubai offers an easy business set-up, tax-free earnings, and a high standard of living, making it a popular choice for freelancers worldwide.

Freedom2Work's assistance with the visa application process is cheap and affordable, providing personalized support and expertise to speed up the path to residency. While the cost of obtaining a residence visa varies, the investment is justified by the numerous perks and choices that Dubai provides for freelancers.

Enjoy the benefits of a freelance license and visa in the UAE, such as a work permit, Emirates ID, residency, and the option to sponsor family.

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